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About The Cradle Catholic

Traditionally, a 'cradle Catholic' refers to someone who was born and raised Catholic, but we're here to stretch the definition. Referring to the meager status into which Jesus Christ was born--a dingy and crowded stable, a dirty and unassuming cradle--the name comes from the idea of a humble faith, because in total humility we are more able to reflect our Father's love. When we imitate Him who slept soundly in that humble manger, when we make ourselves little, we make ourselves holy. We are cradle Catholics.

Cradle Catholic came from an idea of how to bring your faith life into every part of your daily life (St. Josemaria, pray for us!), whether that be in the classroom, in the kitchen, in the car, or in the chapel. Christ's love knows no bounds, and your faith shouldn't, either. God resides in all things, even in those small things, so through our creations we hope to magnify God's greatness in your ordinary days. 

About the Artist

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The value of sitting, observing, and thinking for hours on end proves invaluable in a world obsessed with distractions and delusions. As an artist, I have learned how to observe the world around me and extract truth from it, training myself to not just look, but to see. There is a need for objectivity and structure in life, and education is no exception; through classical training, I have found joy in the practice of good craftsmanship, and have begun a lifetime of creating beautiful things. 


I work primarily in graphic illustration and oil painting, and also (with less frequency but equal interest) in watercolor painting and ink and graphite drawings. Whatever the medium, I aim to create work which captures the beauty of the subject before me. Though not all of my work is inherently religious, it is all meant to reflect God in its pursuit of beauty. 


Much beauty is overlooked in the world, missed by those who think it is rare and elusive. Beauty is here, now. Learning to look and to wonder are critical parts of finding joy and inspiration. My work is inspired by the fleeting golden moments which liven ordinary days. As a wife and mother, I feel an acute need to curate beauty within the home and teach my daughter to seek out and wonder at God's marvelous creation. It is important to capture the goodness found in the mundane, and I believe it necessary to do so—so I work. 

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