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Frequently Asked Questions

My rosary came in the wrong color! What can I do?

We are committed to making sure you are satisfied with your products! If you ever have any issues with your orders, please email us and we will sort it out with you. Unsatisfactory products brought to our attention within 30 days of ordering will be either replaced or fully refunded.

Do you ever offer promotions?

We plan to offer promotions often because we love you and want to give back to our customers! Check in regularly for the latest deals and discounts. Hint: many promotions may coincide with major feast days!

I have an idea for a saint sticker or mug that I can’t find in your shop! Is there any way to do custom ordering or offer product suggestions?

Absolutely! If you have an idea for a new design of any product you already see in the shop, or even one you may not see, we would love to hear about it. Any suggestions, inquiries, and custom orders should be directed to, where we will gladly work with you on an individual basis. Additionally, all rosaries in the shop are already made to order, as well as more products we are planning on adding very soon!  (Be aware that most custom work on items not already in the shop will carry an additional cost.)

How long will it take for my order to ship?

Products that we create ourselves will usually ship within 1-3 days of the day of the order. Products we outsource to our vendors are currently made to order, and thus take longer (usually 2-7 business days to fulfill the order, and then an additional 4 business days to deliver with standard shipping).

I would like a custom rosary made with items not listed on your site. Can you still make it?

We are more than happy to work with you on custom orders! Please refer to our policy on custom work above.

I work with youth groups and I need a lot of stickers for an upcoming camp! Do you offer bulk order discounts?

Yes! We offer bulk order discounts for orders of 50 or more of the same item. If you have any large order requests, shoot us an email at and we will work with you individually.

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