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Mediums & Pricing

Dreaming of a prayer card, a t-shirt design for a youth group, or a painting for that glaring space on the wall? Look no further! Included below are price estimates for a few of the most commonly requested commissions.

Painting Equipments

Oil Painting
$3-$4.50/square inch

  • oil paintings are done on stretched canvas or a wood panel

  • paintings take several weeks to several months from the time of the commission to its delivery due to their additional required drying time

  • reference photos are generally required or requested for commissioned paintings; I will work with you to create the painting you envision.

Image by Nastasia Kalinina

$1.25-$3/square inch

  • ink, charcoal, or graphite drawings available

  • drawing times vary; depending on the commission, they can take a couple days to weeks to complete

  • portraiture, architecture, and drawings of favorite landmarks or statues are common requests

Digital Tablet

Digital Illustration

  • custom prayer cards, wedding invites, or custom saint collection pieces are a few common commission pieces

  • all pieces are able to be sent in a physical or digital copy, per client's request, discussed with creative brief. 

Looking for something else? Please reach out! I'm always excited about a new project or a challenge, and I'd be happy to chat and see if we can still work together. Fill out the form below to get in touch with me and to get the ball rolling. 

Note: the listed prices are a general range subject to change depending on each customer's unique requests. 

Let's Chat!

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Please include your preferred medium (multiple if you're between a few), your timeline, your budget, and any reference photos you may have. The more information the merrier (Pinterest boards or sketches welcome!). 

Thanks for submitting!

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